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Microsoft Fix It: Program Install & Uninstall (Tutorial)

Microsoft has created a new program and it's no longer called "Microsoft Fix It" and only supports Windows 7 and newer.
Microsoft Program Install and Uninstall:
Sergey Pugovkin : Блин, сложно было нажать далее? как блять оно работает? Чистит только реестр, или ещё и файлы удаляет?
Sir Bebop : Hi, what would be really useful is if you would know how to deploy Uninstall/Install Fixit silently.
If you perhaps succeed in doing it, that would be great to explain in a video.
Carver6661313 : damn trying to uninstall (or update) skype and even after removing it with this i get

"installing skype failed code 1618 another installation is already in progress. complete that installation before proceeding with this install"

even though nothing else is installing
St : Thanks!!
alex Rioja : thanks man
Galactico Boy : The Microsoft fix it, is no longer available for downloading a that link.
Most Completed Top Laner : i love you dude!
YOU ARE AWSOME!!!You helped me
SavageTalks Revamp : when i try to run this I get
Cik Sumi : Hi there ! ^^ Im trying to uninstall a few program on my laptop  using your step in this video but when im searching program that i want to uninstall on " Select program you want to uninstall " , its not listed there .. So i select " Not listed " , then its asked about product code .. Can you help me about this ? I dont know where to find the product code .. Please help me ..
PATTY PERRY : ok,i first want to say,THANK YOU SO MUCH,ive been trying to uninstall a few programs on my laptop that i thought might be messing up my laptop and the way it was running,which was very laggy,but now i just followed these steps on this video,and so far,so good,second,i just wanted you to know,YOU ROCK ,lol sorry but ive been trying to fix my laptop for almost a year now,i finally look up your video,or ran into it on mistake,i should say,and im all set now,so thank you thank you thank you ,seriously,like and subbed you thank you again

Microsoft FixIt 110719

Microsoft FIx It.avi

Enjoy link in video




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