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BMW R18 First Edition Unboxing India Walkaround Review Exhaust Sound Pure Soul #Bikes@Dinos

Here's my first look walkaround review of the BMW R18 First Edition where I give you a quick overview of what the bike has on offer and also share the exhaust note and a cinematic feature.
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Trilok Trilok : THE MACHINE
salim mulla : I am in love with this bike sir
A M E Y : What sunglasses are you wearing?
Bestoink Dooley : Yeah! It's about time. In the eyes of most cruiser riders, BMW has been making the butt ugliest bikes in the industry for the last 35 years. Obsessed with ultra modern styling, BMW's last attempt at a cruiser was the avante garde, ugly, weird ass R1200C, a machine obviously designed by crew of soy boy euro geeks who were totally clueless about cruisers. Now those sissys are gone, thankfully, and the new guys have got something very appealing, going back to beautiful classic styling.
Falcon Time : DAMN, what a beautiful engine
dell :

Ganesh Ravindran : ❤
Yogesh Dhavale : No doubt your review and other videos are always best.... But each and every time you amaze me by speaking such good English man..... You are so fluent and hats off to your vocabulary.... I think u gonna give a tough competition to Shashi Tharoor
AI - 96 moto garage : Exhaust is the ugliest part on this one, both look like boat peddles. Rest looks good
David Greve : I sure like this bike tremendously, but mine would have room for a second passenger, meaning a 2up seat, extended fenders and a fuel tank capable of long distance riding.

BMW R18 First Review. Harley-Davidson Killer?

Full review, ratings, and specs: https://drvm.co/BMW-R18

The BMW R18 just made its debut on the market. We’re among the first ones to test it and we tried to learn as much as we could about the first BMW cruiser. Featuring a 1,800 cc engine, it’s the first BMW to be able to compete in the American cruiser segment, ruled by Harley-Davidson.
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The jeans featured in the video: Pando Moto Mark Kev - https://bit.ly/2KXWhB7

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JohnnyRebKy : Wtf does Harley Davidson have to do with a German motorcycle .
Kiran Rajeev : My phone was shaking
tigerxav : By far the best review on you tube, thank you for that . I have to harley but I surely can sell one to have this R18... but I want to test it before buying. ;)
Alexander Ryan : i mean the bike is cool and all, but what are the main complaints against harley davidson?
too expensive
too premium
not reliable enough

BMW is one of the few brands out there that is MORE expensive and LESS reliable than harley davidson. I imagine a real harley killer would be something more in line with the yamaha bolt, or bikes like that. This BMW is more in line with a harley davidson alternative: a harley experience from a different brand.
lary angel : this bike looks crazy modifiable
ThreeSixMoto : Ive just ridden this bike and loved it. @threesixmoto
Виталий В : Killer Ural wolf! Позишэн Урал Вульф оппозишэн!
mike vennie : if only he knew something about BMWs. The bike is styled after a /2, which ended production in the late 60s, not the /5 that was made in the early 70s. or..maybe its the Honda "Goldwink" too funny.
Jin Ping Lim : Any idea what helmet is that?
Владимир М : Фантастический макет для расположения в гостиной!
Как байк это провал БМВ
И продажи наглядное тому подтверждение.

何がスゴい? エンジン音は? BMW史上最大メガクルーザー「R18」を解説


REPORT●ケニー佐川(SAGAWA Kentaro)
wino2020 : かっこ良いけど足元が苦しそう。長距離は辛そうだから街での見せびらかし用かな。
TOMEGOROU SAOTOME : 本当カッコいい見事なカッコ良さなんだけど、少しでも転かしたら、大変な事になるでしょうね…
Cooper Joe : ベーコンエッグが焼けそうですね!
okbsaitee snyissh : メーターぐらい撮ってよw
Ri co : コンセプトモデルのまま出してくれたら即買いだったんだけどなあ
サイキックガレージ : モナカマフラーが逆に新鮮
Fajar Yulianto : I don't speak Japanese but my wive do. It is goo look of BMW R18. Like it a lot..... i will own it...
雨凪如露之進好重 : 1800ccで空冷なの!?
Gatto Argento : クルーザー系は重いし軽快性がないから好きじゃないけど
松本邦昭 : 足が熱で地獄、そこは突っ込まないのね




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