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Isonic 110 with GPS Track

A 2 miles run from Hamworthy Beach to Furzey Island in Poole harbour....and return with reference to a GPS track showing the speed at various points in the run. Wind against tide made it a bumpy ride especially going against the swell on the first run.

Creating a Progressive Web Application (PWA) - HTML, CSS & JavaScript Tutorial

In today's video I'll be showing you how to create a Progressive Web Application (or PWA) using HTML and JavaScript.

Link to starting code:

Progressive Web Applications are simply web apps that behave like native applications, and are typically "offline-first" meaning we can take advantage of Service Workers and the Cache API to display the app while the network is down.

Support me on Patreon: - with enough funding I plan to develop a website of some sort with a new developer experience!

For your reference, check this out:

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#dcode #html #javascript
English Rain : Thanks a ton, amazing tutorial! So cool to have my web app working offline! :D
Aniket Varshney : what is json?
Vignesh K S : Why Chrome icon coming in my PWA icon?
isaid stream : WHYYY??
Why it need to be responsive??
Why It need to be in a https??
Just let me create a web from my local host and give me the FUCKING install button and cache it all by default
I just want to display my fucking name and a image
We need to protest at google to make PWA more simple.
Who is with me?

The only think I agree is with the manifest json because it allows me to change the display and orientation.
You ruin my dream by being a developer I have no money to pay for a https, and i dont know anything about responsive webs, i just want a strict design PWA for my S7 edge.
I'm gonna try to infiltrate in BLM protesters and guide them to google campus and break some windows it will make my life more happier.
Ranga bharath : awesome as always
Halo James : Very clear. Thank you.
Beto Pereira : Thanks dcode, this is the only tutorial that really explain how it's done
Akamukali Nnamdi Alexander : Please note that for the new update to chrome,
Audits has been replaced by Lighthouse
Felix Omuok : I did not get the install prompt but everything works well
surfinbird71 : Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Failed to execute 'fetch' on 'ServiceWorkerGlobalScope': 'only-if-cached' can be set only with 'same-origin' mode at e.respondWith.caches.match.then.response (sw.js:12)

Shipping a PWA as an Android app

Increase the reach of your Progressive Web App by using it as an Android app. In this session, learn about Bubblewrap, a new tool that developers can use to transform their PWAs into an Android application, without having to write native code or learn native tooling. Watch us transform an existing PWA into a native app from start to finish, in just a few minutes.

Persistence App →
Setup an Android device in Developer Mode →
Bubblewrap CLI README →
Adding more keys to Digital Asset LInks →

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Day 2 →

Subscribe to the Chrome Developers →

Andre Bandarra

#webdevLIVE #PWA
Bumpkin : Can this be used programmatically, so I can have a button to make an apk from my PWA using some configuration on my web site?
Lorenz Kyle : Better title: Let's say HYPOTHETICALLY you want to ship your PWA as an android app.
Rohit Attaluri : How the same can be possible for iphone's?

I'm planning to build a TWA app for apple devices as well.

Open for suggestions all the time.

Thanks in advance.
Alan Guevara : Are PWA capable of getting Geolocation from device while in background, if not is there a way to still get the location save it and send it till user opens up the app ?
vishal1982 c : how to change jdk file path ?? i have written wrong path
Anandharaj Ramasamy : Hi ,
May I know we can hide/remove address bar. It's possible ? If possible please share here step by step

Marcus Tucker : It's definitely progress but it's still pretty complicated
RISHAV BHOWMIK : Should have built it sooner
Preet Juneja : Notification requires permission from user. While this is "Trusted Web Activities" it should have delegated by default.
Fayez Altamimi : I have been following the PWA path and wrapped my app finally in TWA. However, I'm struggling for weeks to publish on Play Store because the reviewers keeps repeating this information that Web Applications aren't accepted in the Play Store. I have been trying to describe to them that this is not a violation of Google guidelines but rather it is following the guidelines. did I waste my time on this contradiction??!!




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