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[ prize ] Lords Mobile - Посмотрим что осталось в госе после КВК

Ссылка на телеграмм : Наберем 2500 подписчиков и будет розыгрыш!!!!
Поддержка канала -
Испугать стримера 666 рублей!!!
Карта Сбербанк - 5469 1100 1648 9452
Реклама ГИ 100р
Дискорд #prize2289
Музыка для стрима:
Мой ВК -

Кому интересно мой ПК :

Intel Core i5-8600K LGA 1151v2
MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X 8G
Ram 2x 8GB DDR 4 2133GHz
Монитор BENQ Zowie XL2411
клавиатура Steelseries Apex 100
мышь Steelseries Rival 110
наушники Razer Hammerhead Pro V2
Микрофон HyperX
Windows 10

Eugy - Prize (Official Video) | prod. by Team Salut | #FlavourzEP

Eugy drops the second video from his Flavourz EP. This video is directed by Gabriella Kingsley.

Flavourz EP available right now on all platforms.

Apple Music:

Follow Eugy:
Snapchat - eugyofficial

Official Records 2017
Jesus Loves You : What is the best Prize you could ever win? A million dollars? A trip around the world? Having your debts paid off? Or would erasing your sin debt with God be a better deal than all of the wealth on earth? (Matthew 16:26) Let’s see.
Have you broken God’s Law by lying? If one murder makes someone a murderer, then one lie makes you a liar. Have you stolen, lusted after others, coveted money, or cursed God? God will not hold lawbreakers guiltless. The sentence for these crimes will be eternal death in Hell. God wants to show lawbreakers mercy, but the penalty for their crimes must be paid and their record of sin wiped clean before they can enter Heaven. That makes the cleansing of your sins more valuable than money or gold! That also makes Jesus’ payment and forgiveness of your sins literally the offer of a lifetime―an eternal lifetime! Remember, your soul is worth infinitely more to Him than all the money in the world!
Run the race of life to win the eternal Prize. When you hit the finish line and take your last breath, will you have banked on good works, luck, or chance to take you to Heaven? Or will you repent and trust in the cross of Jesus Christ to settle your sin debt with God? Jesus is the Grand Prize Who gives true riches to believers—eternal life with Him in Heaven forever!
Vikansha Larose :
Ami Naa : Nicole rip
JD Official : They know how to do
Nadine :
IT'S VIN : One time
Glee Jeezy : No one can pay to my prize
Bianca Smiley : 2020 and this still bangs! Eugy killed it with this one
Jullian Mock-Lutes : Every time I hear Euuuugy Official, I know the song is going to be fire!
Lara ! : This Song fhhhv

Lords Mobile - Тактика Галактика | Как сделать так, что бы лидер противника достался тебе!!!

#prize #LordsMobile
аниме arlen : Ох йопт мені б такий фейк)
Андрей Ли : Говно
PUBG a k s e l : ты когда так акаунт раскачал?
Xuligannn N : Аха я у видос попав красава ;))
дтп онлайн : Тактика Галактика :)
Vlad Fain : Привет отличным союзникам Luc от лидера гильдии Dmd!)
ImSoHateful / Bloody Lion : "Мне же неумение поможет:
Этот Шифер ни за что не сможет
Угадать, чем буду я ходить.",
"Эх, спасибо заводскому другу —
Хоть научил, как ходят, как сдают...
Выяснилось позже — я с испугу
Разыграл классический дебют!", вспомнилось))
God Dakar : Эх, жалко паренька




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