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Amp Tyco Superseal waterproof connector assembly guide for wiring boats cars, well anything

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
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AMP MCP 9.5 Two Position Connector Instructions

Learn about our high power AMP MCP 9.5 two position connectors designed for harsh environment wire-to-wire and wire-to-circuit board connections. Watch this video for an overview of the connectors and for step-by-step instructions on inserting and removing contacts, as well as mating and unmating.

#120: How to Install Anderson Powerpole connectors

This video shows how to install Anderson Powerpole connectors onto a power cable / wire. These connectors are very popular with the amateur / ham radio community as well as emergency and first response teams (ARES, RACES, CERT) as a universal, reliable way to connect radio equipment to power sources (batteries, vehicles, power supplies). I also discuss the benefits and downsides of soldering these connectors.
Table Of Contents:
0:00 - Introduction and stripping length
1:15 - Dovetails on Housings to mate housings together
2:00 - "Standard" orientation for 12V applications
2:47 - Contact terminal orientation
3:45 - Crimping the contact/terminals - proper tools and operation
5:07 - The actual crimping operation
6:29 - Both wires crimped - quick discussion on soldering
7:54 - Inserting contact terminals into the housing(s)
8:43 - Housing feature to lock together, other final steps




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