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What Makes Fujitsu a Great Place to Work?

We asked employees at every level of the company to talk about their experience working at Fujitsu. Hear firsthand perspective from our people as they describe our passion and purpose, and share what makes their jobs rewarding and worthwhile. Want to know more? Browse our current job openings at We’re excited to hear from you!

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Fujitsu FKB4700 review (Fujitsu Peerless)

Skip to 9:22 for a typing demonstration.

A review of my Fujitsu FKB4700, a fairly common "semi-mechanical" rubber dome with slider keyboard. The build quality is superb, much the same like a Model M except it doesn't use those stupid plastic rivets to retain the metal backplate. The keycaps are also snap-on, but aren't quite as elegant as the M's. The case (not the caps) yellow, too - this one is so yellow that it's almost ochre in hue and you can see the shadows of the keycaps as white spots on the case.

The switches are pretty bad. They're clicky switches whose biggest advantage is that they're not really clicky. Very rough and stiff, and with the worst stabiliser rods in history, typing on this is fairly horrendous. Gaming is OK though, as you won't really need the stabilised keys all that much.

The practice sentence was; "Hello my name is Thomas and I'm typing on a Fujitsu FKB4700 right now. The Peerless switches aren't very uniform and the stabilised keys are intolerable, but the keyboard is very well-built."


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