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Overview of the new ISO 22000:2018 Standard

The international standard for food safety management systems, ISO 22000, was first published in 2005. The standard revolutionized the way we manage food safety and has become one of the most influential standards throughout the industry. After thirteen years the standard has been revised and it is now even better. In this lecture we will go over the major changes.

Download the Presentation Slides and Certificate of Attendance from the IFSQN website:

International Food Safety \u0026 Quality Network
Rashid S.P : Very informative sir. Looking forward to hear more from you
Muhammad Altaf : Dear Dr. David
I beleive you are the only person in my food safety life who has very clear concept on ISO 22000 standard. Thank you for this video and your clear concept on ISO 22000 standard and terminology. I wish to attend your more lectures in future.
Kim Pyrant : Thank You for the information
Vicky Phillips : Good video
Evil Queen : Fyck ya
Anup Raj Ghimire : how do I get certificate of attendance
International Food Safety & Quality Network : Best to ask your questions on the forum
dhaval vyas : Nice info shared doc, just keen to know if an organisations scope is storage and distribution of frozen products, whether temperature monitoring would be a CCP or an per my understanding it has to be CCP...but according to definition of CCP, it needs to be part of processing step....which isn't the case here...can you share your views/ insight on this?
SIS Certifications : Thank you for sharing the information. More information visit -
osama mohammed : it is a great lecture just need more clarification specially how to differ between prps and oprps and ccp

Difference between HACCP and ISO 22000

Understand the difference between HACCP and ISO 22000
Wazein A. : For the thing that I studied, both are same...
지현 강 : It s definitely useful and easy-understandung video. thx 4 work effort

formation en ISO 22000 vs 2018

Comprendre les bases du système qualité des produits alimentaires
Définir une politique qualité et mettre en oeuvre un plan d'actions
Rédiger un manuel qualité
Suivre l'amélioration continue de votre système qualité (audit interne, revue de direction)
Créer et maintenir un système de management de la sécurité alimentaire (SMDA)
Mettre l'accent sur les compétences du personnel, sur la recherche continue d'informations concernant les produits alimentaires
Maîtriser les exigences législatives et réglementaires (Paquet Hygiène)

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Datleo Deh : Merci pour cette excellente présentation
Chaymae Mchich : Bonne explication merci
Mohamed Haydar : C top
Adam Remok : Peut-on avoir le ppt ?
Tika kika : Trés bonne explication merçi beaucoup
Om Rayyan :
EXPERT QUALITÉ : C de top ce vidéo




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