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Welding Workers Who Are Professional and Experts Of High Level


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завод ковшей
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웁새 ooPssE : 오우쉣
Mekanik Kampung : Semangat terus buat Quantum tech HD
Mampir juga ke chanel saya ya
Mekanik kampung
짭필 : 축하합니다 당신은 한국어 댓을 찾으셨습니다
Alejandro Parra haro : Nada fuera de lo normal esperaba más e visto y echo cosas mejores
Mr Pumpkin : Sur la bride en dernier, c'est pas bon la soudure
İslam Aliev : tik tok hesabım redmi not 8 çekilişi var tik tok @islamaliev96
cechsave : 주예지이이이잉
Юрий Пищалкин : Что у последнего за электроды такие
Daftar populer Medan : Waww mantapp
Ivan Chilbinov : На таких чуваках держится весь мир

Amazing Video! Welder's Skill 20 Years Experience Unbelievable - Skilled workers

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Thanks for watching!!!
Friendly Junco : I think I can do that
jim carson : 0:48 Being a pipe welder WOW I approve.
al Kranbuhl : Welding is not just a trade its a skill.
J G : Where is the root pass for the pipe? and the bevel and land?
thetruebatman : Nahhhhhhhh there’s a robot doing that, that’s why we never see the hand. Almost got me.
WV591 : A Blind person can tig weld. so boring.
Андрей Первозванный : Как гондольеро;)веслом
Suman Reddy : Welding hand movement dekaho
gianny gratton : il y a20 ans je souder Déjà comme ça j ai 57 ans
I GO HAM : Feels like I’m welding something for my sister , the music is annoying . Welding is precision, calmness, and focusing.. this is not the type of music to be welding to

interesting welding video, welding thin wall square tube with stick welder, ASMR

just for fun, i try filming close to welding material, this what we have,
B C Patil ಸ್ವಾತಿ Patil : ಅಲ್ಯೂಮಿನಿಯ೦ ವೆಲ್ಚಿ೦ಗ್ ಮಾಡುವವರು ಸ೦ಪರ್ಕಿಸಿ 9986325728
Mac Smith : Fill of holes, porosity
Probably classed as professional in this part of the world
Holding up a 10 story apartment block
syed nizamuddin : Nice work Masha Allah
Sammy D : What sort of electrodes are they. Good clean flux to spot like that. Some flux is awful and too much on the rods.
Pinochet's Helicopter : The third world dirt head can't afford a grinder. And has no idea how to weld. What a shocker.
Saleel Pallikkal : Examination of a welded joint well-known shows distinct microstructural regions. The fusion zone is associated with melting. The HAZ, however not melted, is influenced by the warmth from the joining cycle. Beyond the HAZ is the unaffected base metal. The fusion region and HAZ may be similarly subdivided, as described on this section.To read complete article visit

Eric Ford : Wow! I knew how to do this when I was 12... and do a better job of it.
Paul Webster : Like being tortured waching this
Isaac McKee : I can smell the porosity
Дмитрий Кравцов : Базар жок!




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