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Take a (Virtual) Tour of NYU

Located in the heart of New York's Greenwich Village and Downtown Brooklyn, NYU's academic, residential, and student life facilities are located on tree-lined streets centered on Washington Square Park and MetroPark. Although there is no typical day at NYU, our students will share about some of the sites they frequent and what makes NYU the perfect place for them.

If you're interested in visiting campus register for an on-campus information session and tour at: admissions.nyu.edu/visit

For more info and how to apply, visit admissions.nyu.edu

What’s It Like Studying in New York City? | NYU Campus Tour

New York University (NYU) is the university in the heart of downtown Manhattan. Have you ever wanted to visit New York City? If yes, this is the NYU campus tour for you.

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CAMPUS CRAWL is a new series where I take you to tour the top universities around the world. So you can eliminate the fear of going to college and decide where you want to go. Or just get a wider perspective on college life.

Today we went on an NYU campus tour. We visited all the buildings and learned about student life there.

What's the BEST part about studying at NYU?
You're literally in the heart of New York City - the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. You have the freedom to explore New York at your free will because the campus is open and integrated into the city.

NYU has a lot of campuses across the world. So it's a great university if you wanted to study abroad.

What's the WORST part about studying at NYU?
You're alone in the sea of people. It's a weird thing but students tend to feel lonely because there is no closed-off NYU campus. So it's hard to find friends and get together. If campus culture is important to you then Columbia University (also in New York City) might be a better university for you.

Classrooms (0:15)
Kimmel Center aka Student Life Building (0:59)
NYU Cafeteria (1:38)
Bobst Library (2:23)
Washington Square Park (3:08)
NYU Student Life (4:22)

everything you need to know about nyu

hey guys here is everything you need to know about nyu (before it's too late). Genuinely hope this informative though!

1:10 - financial
5:18 - academics
8:21 - campus life
9:32 - resources
13:43 - dorms
15:46 - social life

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